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Find your true professional path and get a future-proof freelance business

If you’re tired of the standard advice (Get a specialization! You MUST have a website!), breathe out and let me show you how to stop doing what everyone does and find your own way. It’s not only more fun, it’s also exactly how to turn freelancing into a success!

Sara Reyniers
Sara Reyniers Academy

What Is This Academy?

In Translation Business Academy, you can find online courses with mentorship and business coaching. I share insider knowledge with freelance translators based on both theoretical tactics and my lessons learnt. I’ve adapted business knowledge to fit the translation sector and my experience comes from having worked in-house in an international translation agency, having been a freelancer and now running my own agency – and no, I won’t hold anything back!

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Are you doubting if you should take on a specialization? And what if you’d rather not or you find it hard to choose?

That can be linked to your personality. Find out here if you’re a specialist or a generalist!

Sara's approach to freelance translation is different from others I've tried in the past. Her unique perspective of the translation world helped me shift my mindset and energized my translation business.
Rudy Erbrich
Rudy Erbrich
Pacific Northwest-based (EN > DE, DE > EN) Translator

Work With Me

Are you a freelance translator who:

  • Has built experience in many different fields, and now has difficulty to describe what you do?
  • Or has a number of fields you really like and doesn’t know how to choose or doesn’t want to choose?
  • Or is wondering how to start building a specialization?

Are you a freelance translator who:

  • Is just starting out and finds it daunting to be self-employed?
  • Has a ton of questions about setting rates, finding clients and secretly wishes someone could just hand a roadmap to make it work?
  • Occasionally finds good tips online, but would like to ask someone any question whenever it comes up?
Sara’s tips in the course range from what tools can be used to improve workflow to which strategies to adopt depending on what your personal goals are, illustrated by examples and practical exercises. But what I found most valuable is how the course also focuses on helping you into the right mindset to set and achieve YOUR goals. Thanks to this course, I was able to build up a strategy and clear goals to better steer my business in the right direction!
Martin Groene testimonial
Martin Groene
Conference Interpreter EN <> FR / DE > FR and Translator EN/DE > FR

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short about Sara Reyniers

I’m Sara, owner of my own translation agency: Word Atlas. I spend my days doing general management for Word Atlas, creating content for and managing this Academy, and a (for now) personal writing project. Yes, as a true creative generalist, I love learning and running multiple projects. Word Atlas is my main source of income: since the start of 2021, my agency has 1 full-time employee and its estimated turnover that year amounted to 1,000,000 euros!

In Translation Business Academy, I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build the freelance business that’s true to YOUR goals, interests and personality. After all, I’ve stepped away from doing what everyone else does to create a professional life that suits me perfectly, so why wouldn’t you?

I wish to empower people by sharing my knowledge… because knowledge leads to understanding and to action… and that will result in a more purposeful and rewarding life

I’m about to head into week five’s one-to-one coaching session with Sara as part of her Translation Business Academy. Sara is a mine of valuable information and sound advice, and has the exceptional ability to turn scattered thoughts and ideas into a well-organised strategy. Thanks to her enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation, I’m now much better prepared for the road ahead.
Clare Clarke testimonial
Clare Clarke
German to English Translator & Proofreader Specialising in Advertising & Marketing
I've been freelancing as a translator part time for a while, but finally decided that it was time to dedicate myself to this full time. I had no idea how to get started or what to do to start getting clients more consistently. Sara opened up my eyes to several places where I wasn't taking advantage of the opportunities I had in front of me, and how my own fears were limiting what I could do. Thank you so much, Sara, for pushing me out of my comfort zone so that I can make my business grow!
Jennifer Yaeggy testimonial
Jennifer Yaeggy
English to/from Spanish Translator specializing in the upstream oil and gas industry

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