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Learn step by step how to build a successful business as a freelance translator

Online Courses

How to set up a freelance business or grow your business when you feel stuck. Get better revenue and more projects you love!

Business Coaching

One-to-one coaching in which we will focus on your goals and go through a roadmap to bring them to life.

Are you looking to get more stability in your flow of projects and income?

Do you wish you could just translate all day without having to worry about getting clients and getting paid?

Or do you have enough work, but would you like to get direct clients and you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you’re even secretly dreaming of starting your own translation agency?

How I Can Help

I offer online courses and business coaching to help freelance translators develop a healthy and professional freelance business. Your goals are my main focus point: whether you prefer working for agencies or want direct clients, we will zoom in on viable strategies that can turn your freelance business into a success.

By working for the clients you love and being fully booked, you can say goodbye to dry spells and find the peace of mind, the financial freedom and the work-life balance you long for!

Comments of My Students

Sara is very knowledgeable and skilful. The course content was well planned and managed. The course was really informative and very comprehensive. I really gained a lot of practical knowledge about the business side of being a freelance translator that I’m sure I will be able put into practice in the future. This is seriously valuable for someone like me. Overall I am very happy to have participated in this course. Thanks!
Testimonial Lorraine
Lorraine Valarino

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E-book: “Price Negotiations for Freelance Translators”

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About Me

Sara ReyniersHi, I’m Sara, former freelancer, now owner of my own translation agency, Word Atlas. The story of my experience in the translation sector began in 2008, when I became a translator and reviser for an international translation agency. It was my first introduction to the challenges of translating as a profession and the inner workings of an agency. I also regularly got in touch with freelance translators and started to see both the advantages and disadvantages of their situation.

When I started as a freelancer in 2016, I quickly learnt to get a few clients in my field (public sector), but I also experienced my first dry spell and the slight panic that comes with it. So I decided to play the bigger game: I started building my own database of freelance translators, gave my website a makeover and posted on social media that I could now offer more language combinations.

Did that work? Not so much. I had forgotten about a few golden business rules: choose your ideal client, define your unique value proposition, and turnover goals and profit goals are two different things. So I dived into business and entrepreneurship. I did courses on marketing, finance and business plans, and I subscribed for an online business school.

That is how I learnt to properly set goals for my business and how I could adapt general business information to the reality of a freelance translator building out her own agency. Gradually, I decreased the number of days I was doing translation work and I spent my time studying and expanding my business. By 2020, Word Atlas has grown big enough for me to stop translating entirely and to hire a fulltime employee.

As a freelancer and while I was developing my business, I noticed so many freelancers were complaining about low rates and dry spells. I wanted to start Translation Business Academy to share my experience and my business knowledge. The business aspects of the freelancer life are often overlooked in formal training and I want to hand you the tools to create your own freelance business, just as you like it. I know the translation market can be tough, but it is possible to navigate it and find the clients and projects you love!