Business Coaching

Do you feel stuck with your freelance work and you’re not sure how to move forward? Perhaps you have a lot of ideas going through your mind, but you don’t seem to be able to take action. After all, having a goal or even a dream is one thing, but it can be far removed from your everyday life… so how to get there?

Whether you’d like to discuss how to get more work, how to get direct clients, how to do marketing and get in front of the right people (spoiler alert: there is no one-size-fits-all, it depends on the type of clients you wish to target), or even how to upscale to having your own translation agency as I did, I can help you gain clarity about your course of action and hand you the tools and strategies to bring your goals to life.

What I Do

I listen to your needs and goals. After all, you are the centre of the coaching. After you have explained why you’d like coaching, we will establish the concrete goals that you wish to achieve.

Once the goals are clear, we will discuss a strategy you can take and we will implement it step by step.

I will always check if you’re OK with taking the next step and we can discuss your doubts or obstacles as we move forward.

In the end, my intention is to bring you to the point where you are confident in your business, you find your work rewarding and you know what needs to be done to bring change where and when you want it.

Sara Reyniers coaching

Mentor vs. Business Coach

Mentoring, teaching, coaching… are you getting confused?

In my online courses, I’m a teacher or instructor. That means that the course material was already prepared and is presented to you as it is, without making changes based on personal preferences or needs. That makes it more top-down than mentoring or coaching. I am of course available for my students to answer any questions they might have, but it is still different from a personalized series of coaching sessions.

A mentor is someone with experience in a certain field who shares that experience with a less experienced person in the same field. A coach is someone who is not necessarily active in your field, but who has studied how to deal with personal obstacles (personal or life coaches) or business strategies (business coaches) and who uses this information to develop a strategy in line with their client’s goals. The coach will then provide guidance as the client implements the strategy step by step.

In my coaching, I can combine both mentoring and coaching, because my experience lies in the translation sector, but I have also learnt about entrepreneurship in various courses, from coaches and in an online business school. I can use this knowledge to take distance from my own experience and adapt strategies to the goals of translators who wish to take very different paths from my own.

Book Your Intro Session

Intrigued? Ready to take action?

The number of hours I have available for coaching is limited, considered I also have my agency to take care of.


What I have to offer:

Included in the price are: four private video/audio calls of one hour and feedback on online profiles, your website, e-mails to clients etc. that takes place in between sessions.

For now, the price for four sessions amounts to 329 euros without VAT. Starting from January 1st, the price will increase to 489 euros without VAT, so don’t wait too long!

At the moment, I have availability for five more people. Check the available hours and book your spot in the calendar below.

Are you interested in coaching but there isn’t any availability anymore? Drop your e-mail address here and you’ll be the first to know when new spaces open up!