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Welcome to my online courses page! In my courses I teach freelance translators about a wide range of topics every freelancer needs to turn their hard work into a success: which mindset problems you need to overcome to make it as a freelancer, how to keep your finances healthy, strategies for finding clients, rates and negotiation, marketing and other client acquisition methods, and tools to optimize your workflow to name just a few.

My knowledge comes from my own experience as a former freelancer and now agency owner, an online business school I’ve done, online courses I’ve followed and the coaches I’ve worked with. So my business information comes from the business world at large and I’ve adapted it for you to fit freelance translation.

Who Are My Courses For?

At the moment I have one course to offer: “Roadmap to a Healthy Freelance Business”. This course is focused on freelancers who don’t have a specialization and want to figure out how to get access to the different types of clients on the translation market. Whether you want to increase your chances with translation agencies or get more direct clients: this course hands you the tools every freelancer needs to make freelancing work, including how to deal with your finances and money, self-sabotaging behaviour, how to set goals, and of course how to get clients, establish your rates, negotiate, plan your work, and use CAT tools and MT. 

Beginning freelancers and people who haven’t started yet, will also benefit most from this course. It has a very practical approach, so you can immediately take action as you progress through the course.

My second course will be called “Next-Level Strategies for Freelance Translators” and is meant for freelancers who already know the market and know exactly what type of translations they would like to focus on in the coming years, but who are not sure how to reach their goals. If you feel stuck with your current client portfolio, this course can help you see your options and take action to break out of your unsatisfactory routine. The course will be built around defining your market position and your value proposition, mapping out your ideal client, how to do marketing and other client acquisition methods, as well as structuring your business to get a smooth workflow and healthy finances. This course is still under development. If you want help with this now, contact me for coaching.


Roadmap to a Healthy Freelance Business

Everything about finance and money, finding clients, rates and negotiation, planning and time management, CAT tools and machine translation and possible roadmaps for the future

Six blocks of lectures paced over six weeks, new classes every Monday

Follow the course on your own pace

Easy to apply steps and exercises

Discussion forum to ask your questions and talk to the other students

Lifelong access to the course

Doors closed at the moment… This course will re-open in September 2020

Next-Level Strategies for Freelance Translators

Under development

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