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Free Downloads

It’s my wish to help you grow your business and reach the turnover and clients you want. With these free resources for freelance translators you can get started today.

Free resources - ebook "Price Negotiations"

E-book: “Price Negotiations for Freelance Translators”

Free resources template "Income overview"

Template “Income Overview”

Refer a Freelancer

Many freelancers send out tons of applications to translation agencies, only to hear nothing in return. I think we’ve all been there.

I’ve decided to set up an initiative in which you can participate for free: a referral system. The idea is that freelancers help each other out: if you’re a freelancer who has a good contact with a PM and you get offered a job that you can’t do because it’s not your field of expertise or you don’t have time, take a look at the list you can download here and see if there’s anyone you can recommend.

If you’d like to be recommended, just put your name down on the list and go through the rules, so you’re well-prepared in case another freelancer contacts you.

Click the image to go to the page with all the necessary information!