Free Initiative - Refer a Freelancer!

Have you written to tons of agencies and filled out application forms, only to never hear from them again? Every freelance translator knows your pain… Applying to agencies is the necessary first step to get into their database. But then such a database can contain hundreds or even thousands of freelancers, so how will you be picked for a job?

I’ve set up this form to use the most powerful way people make decisions: networking and referrals. When someone you trust tells you to do business with a third person you don’t know, you’ll be more likely to follow that suggestion and not pick some random person from the internet.

Agencies love referrals too to find freelance translators. If an experienced freelancer who has a good connection with a PM tells them that they have someone to recommend, the PM will be inclined to check that out and not go digging in that huge database.

With this initiative, I want to give the opportunity to freelancers to register for being referred. If you’re a freelancer who wants to help out, you can check profiles in this list you could refer. With a little effort, you won’t only help out a fellow freelancer, you will also solidify your reputation with the PM as a reliable professional.

The Rules

If you want to help out by referring someone:

  1. Check the list and search for a language combination (and specialization) you can refer someone for. It’s best to take a language combination or at least a target language that you know.
  2. E-mail that person and ask to see a sample of their translation work (1 page). Check the quality, because if you refer someone and they turn out to be unreliable, it could hurt your reputation.
  3. Let the freelancer know if you’re willing to refer them or not.
  4. If so, check if they’re interested in the agency or the specific job.
  5. If so, send a short e-mail to your contact at the agency to refer the freelancer!

If you want to be considered for referral:

  1. Fill out this form. It should only take 2 minutes.
  2. Be reliable in all your communication and work.
  3. Keep a portfolio or a sample of your translation work ready in case someone e-mails you to ask for your work.
  4. Check which agency this is about and if there’s a specific job that you might be referred for. Let your contact know whether or not you’re interested.
  5. After they checked your work, they should let you know if they’ll refer you. Fingers crossed!
find freelance translators by referral